'From Kenneth Steven and Louise Crowe comes the charming Fergus Finds a Friend. Fergus is a young otter leaving home to begin his own adventure. As he follows the river, he meets many other creatures. Most are friendly but a few are scary and Fergus begins to feel alone and afraid. However, all ends happily as Fergus finds a new home and a new friend. Steven's warm story is sympathetically illustrated by Crowe as she brings the countryside to life.'

-- The Scotsman

Beautifully illustrated with a fine eye for natural detail, the slim picture story book tells the story of Fergus who, leaving his otter home, has a range of interesting encounters as he explores his riverbank way. There is a robin. There are butterflies, barking dogs, a roaring waterfall - and a new otter companion. Lovely to look at, and written with an elegant and eloquent simplicity, this book has a charm that is likely to interst and appeal to children in the 6 to 8+ age range. Their eyes will be brightly opened.

--The School Librarian

'"Fergus Finds a Friend" is a delightful picture book nature story about a Scottish otter named Fergus who searches for a friend and a new home. Sensitively illustrated with detailed paintings of Scottish wild country and animals that inhabit it, "Fergus Finds a Friend" is an adventure tale with a happy ending that will appeal to children age 3 and up. "Fergus Finds a Friend" is part of a series of Scottish picture books for young children called Picture Kelpies.'

-- Midwest Book Review

'Charming illustrations grace this story of Fergus, the otter who leaves home to make a new life. He meets lots of creatures, and finds a home and a friend. The Scottish setting is neat.'

-- The Yellow Brick Road


It’s time for Fergus the young otter to leave home. During his journey along the riverbank he meets all sorts of new creatures, both friend and foe -- a robin, a butterfly, some dogs who chase him and, strangest of all, a prickly hedgehog. But will he find a new, safe place to make a home and friends of his own kind?

This is a sweet story which will delight any animal-loving child.



Format: paperback Extent: 32 pages
Size: 254 x 210 mm ISBN: 9780863157783
Publisher: Floris Books Subject: Picture Kelpies
Series: Picture Kelpies Illustrations: colour illustrations
Age Range: From 3 to 6 years

Floris Books